Tamara & Courtney

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


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Ashley Miller


Tamara and Courtney are going to be such wonderful parents! They are so great with their nephews and all of the little ones in our large family. I would feel 100% comfortable and safe leaving my eight-year-old with them for an extended period of time and I can’t wait to see what blessing of a child God has waiting for this couple so that they can share their love and pour into our next generation! 😍

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Frances Enriquez


This couple is the best. They have big hearts are kind, loving, patient and love all kids. My daughter loves both Tamara and Courtney.

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Beau and Katy Sanders

Close friend

Tamara and Courtney are my sister-in-law’s sister and brother-in-law. It sounds complicated but it’s really simple, they are like family! We have grown to know Tamara and Courtney over the last 10+ years. We have watched them grow as adults and in their relationship. The greatest joy in their lives is being Aunt Tambo and Uncle Courtney to the two nephews we share. They are so great with the boys! Courtney is the fun uncle always eager to be outside playing with, and teaching the boys about all of his interests. Tamara is a wonderful teacher to her students and that shows in her personality with our nephews as well. She is so patient and kind. We are blessed daily by our friendship with Tamara and Courtney and know that they will be wonderful parents to the child we know God is hand picking for them.

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Katie Redwine

Family Friend

I truly believe God has a plan for Courtney and Tamara. They have been so patient and have prayed for a child of their own. We have been in the ODonnell Community for about 7 years now, and have become friends with this couple. You can automatically see Courtney and Tamara love kids. By watching them interact with my children, their nephews, and kids at school, you can see the love that they want to give. I have no doubt they would be fabulous parents, that will raise a child in a loving home.

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Tonya Graham


Having known Courtney and Tamara all of our lives in different capacity it is my great honor to recommend them for placement of adoption. Not only did I group up with them but also as we have became adults we have grown together in our friendships. They are a loving couple that loves kids on many different levels. Kids of all walk of life flock to them, that is just the type of people they are. Courtney working/owning a business in town he not only is generous to older ones but the young ones stop by just to say hi, they are always welcome with a hug and high five and get any bike tire worked on, you ever see him not giving a helping hand. Tamara works at school and no matter how old the students get they still talk about Mrs. Stewart's class and are known to drop in her classroom just to say hi. They have a love for their nephews and nieces like no other, they are truly like the other parent. My own kids are known to get love for them on multiple levels. My son, Lincoln, is gifted cokes from the store from Courtney on many occasions and he been known to bring him one to school just because. That is the love that he has for kids. Tamara being Lincoln's teacher, kept special gum just for him and special snacks since he is a picky eater, that is the love they have for kids. Both of them make him special pumpkin bread just because he likes it. That is the love they have for kids. London, my daughter, gets special drinks from Courtney from a store in another town for Valentine's Day or just because and Tamara just gives rides and candy to different activities to help out. That is the love they have for kids. As you can see, the love that Courtney and Tamara have for kids is one that will carry over to any child that is placed in their home.

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Pam Wilson

Tamara's mother

“For this child we have prayed” 1 Samuel 1:27 I am Pam “BIG MOM” to our grandsons, and I can’t wait to be “BIG MOM” to another sweet baby. I am Tamara’s mother, and it is so humbling to watch her and Courtney taking this adoption journey. They cannot wait to be able to love, cherish and raise a baby of their own. Tamara & Courtney are a stable, fun-loving, energetic couple who will make sure this child is loved and cared for every minute. As a mother it is so hard to watch your children want something so badly, yet not be able to give it to them. However, adoption can make all our dreams come true and for that we are thankful. Tamara & Courtney will be awesome parents and they will make sure this child is so loved and they have a huge supportive family to help. God has led them to adopt and I pray daily he will help them find their baby soon.

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Tamara’s sister

My name is Korie and I am Tamara’s sister. Not only is she my sister, but my best friend since we were little girls. My husband and I have two boys of our own and Tamara and Courtney are the absolute best aunt and uncle to our boys. They treat them like they were their own kids. My husband and I literally cannot wait for the day we get to spoil their child like they have ours boys. They have so much love to give and will provide a safe, loving and special home. They also have a great family and friends group supporting them that this child will have so many people to love them always. I am so thankful for God guiding them on their adoption journey and praying for the special child that will be chosen for them.

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