Ashley & Todd

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We are big fans of Hoda Kotb from the Today show. We love this book.
Hamilton! Such a great and powerful musical. We watched it on Disney+ for the first time this summer.
Favorite family movie. Lillian loved this so much, she asked us to watch this over and over again. Instant family, exactly.
Another tv show that was Lillian's favorite! We look forward to watching this again.
This was Lillian's favorite show when she was younger. Had to share! We can't wait to watch this again in our home.
Family favorite- Tex Mex food! Anytime, anywhere! Plus queso!
Hands down Lillian's favorite topping...especially on waffles.
Favorite weekend breakfast food? Homemade waffles. Yum!
Todd and Ashley's favorite show for so many reasons. Can't wait for season 2.
What's on your playlist right now? Mumford and Sons. Every song is great!
This is Us...a show Todd + Ashley love to watch together.
Family favorite show! It's so good.
If we had to choose our fav fast food restaurant. Chick-fil-A wins! Love their sweet tea too.
Living in Texas, we LOVE BBQ! Fan favorite.
We love to hike! There's something about getting out in nature that is so peaceful.
We both grew up watching this show. Now we enjoy watching it as a family.
We LOVE Oreos! Even an Oreo Blizzard is a fav!
What's on Ashley's night stand? Here is the book she's reading now. A book about Adoption and Love and Family.
Our family loves LEGOs! Lillian has enjoyed playing Legos and has her own Lego table. We like STEM toys that are fun and help kids grow.
Family Tradition: Christmas Eve Service. This year it was in the comfort of our home.. Lillian used the phone as her "candle" during Silent Night.
We are newbies to this awesome kitchen helper- The Instant Pot! We love creating recipes with this. Lillian's fav is the Cilantro Lime Rice!
We LOVE Pretzels! And lucky for us, Todd knows how to bake them. Yummy!
We started running together at a nearby outdoor track. It's a fun activity to do together.
Fun Fact: We all have our passport. Lillian got her first passport when she was 2! We want all of our kids to have the chance to see new places.
Fun Fact: Ashley is so creative! She loves creating new pieces. Here is a warm chunky blanket she made.
Family Tradition: We all help bake Christmas cookies together.
Our favorite snuggle buddy! She's the sweetest dog.
Lillian LOVES to help us bake! Always fun to do it together.
Fun Fact: Todd is our Bread maker! A talent that he is really good at it.
Another family favorite tv show! We love the topics they discuss with humor!
We love Halloween SO much...had to share another fav pic! Meet: Rey & Kylo Ren
We love Halloween! Our neighborhood goes ALL out for the kids. Meet your heroes: Rey & Amelia Earhart
Lillian loves playing with slime!
Fun Fact: Todd is really good at Ping Pong. Don't let him try to tell you otherwise. ;)
Walt Disney World! One of our favorite vacations. Fun Fact: Ashley interned there during College. She worked in the Magic Kingdom., our fav park.
All of the Harry Potter movies are a family favorite.
Disney+ Fans over here. All things Disney we love. We've enjoyed watching the Disney movies. Our favs- Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella and Peter Pan.
One of Todd's favorite foods is Thai food. Now we all love it too!
Our family LOVES pizza! We eat it at least once a week. Yum!
We love our dog Nessie. She likes to snuggle.
We love softball! Our daughter plays and Todd helps coach her team. It's fun watching them on the field.
Ashley volunteers at Meals on Wheels. Lillian has joined her on some of the rides. It's important to us to serve our community.
We love sitting around a firepit sharing stories & playing campfire games
We love Panda Bears! We love going to the Zoo! One memory we have, is we traveled to Washington DC to see the Panda Bear. Our Zoo here is amazing too!
Ashley's favorite Netflix show right now. Love it!!
Bike rides are a fun family activity!
We love smores!
Lillian's favorite place to eat!
We love baking treats!
One of our favorite family activities is to get outdoors and explore nature. We love to hike!
We played tennis together when we first met. Now we like playing tennis together as a family.
It was a great to watch the Super Bowl and see the Chiefs win. We've been cheering them on for many years!
New family Nintendo Switch game!
We enjoy family board games.
Whether it's in our car or on a plane, we enjoy traveling near and far. We plan multiple trips every year to see new places.
Our favorite family appetizer- cheese dip!
Camping adventures! We even setup our tent in our backyard this spring.
Reading is a family hobby! We visit the Public Library often to find new books to read.
We love watching Classic movies together.
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