Bryn & Brad

Hoping to Adopt (New York)



We are certainly both big on traditions! We love to celebrate all of the holidays, both religious and secular, with friends and family. Some activities that we look forward to every single year include carving pumpkins, stuffing our turkey, decorating the Christmas tree, dyeing our Easter eggs, and Fourth of July BBQs, to name some highlights! We also enjoy the many NYC parades and festivals. Food and cooking are very important to us, and we have many traditional meals that we prepare together for all of the big holidays. While we enjoy the big family gatherings at someone’s home, we also go out to dinner at a favorite restaurant for Mother’s and Father’s Days, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. We are excited to share all of these kid-friendly traditions with a child of our own!

We also love to travel!

Together, we have been to Europe several times, and these trips have provided some major highlights to our lives. We have loved experiencing the major museums, churches, and historical sites of France and Italy. We frequently travel up and down the east coast to visit our family and friends. We try to ensure a vacation every summer, and have made something of a tradition of visiting Lake George in upstate New York. We cannot wait to share this passion for travel with our future child!

We share so many common interests.

We both love to cook, and are constantly trying new recipes. We equally enjoy eating out, and have an adventurous spirit when trying new foods. We love movies, both in the theater and sometimes just streaming at home! We are both passionate about the arts, and enjoy attending concerts, the opera, and Broadway shows! Attending performances has been important since the beginning of our relationship, and we love to take advantage of everything that living in New York City has to offer.

Our Home

We live in an apartment in the heart of New York City. One thing that we really value is diversity, and NYC has tons of that! There are lots of families, especially young families, in our neighborhood and in our apartment building. Several parks, including the famous Central Park, are a short walk away from our apartment. When we go to the park, we often see families playing, and think about what a great place it would be to take our child! We’ve lived in the neighborhood since we got married 3 years ago, and we will likely stay for a while. Our church is a few blocks away, and there are good restaurants and shopping, nice schools, and easy access to everything we enjoy doing. It’s a nice place for a child to live!

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